Sirens Serenade

Game Description

Siren’s Serenade is a 5×3 Greek mythological Video Slot based on the Sirens in stories such as Argonautica and Odyssey Greek epic poems.

Presented in a naturalistic neo-classical 3D style this is an exciting new take on an age-old fable.

This slot is simple in features to give the game a fast pace feeling to give the player a smooth game experience and includes Free Spins with x2 Multiplier and Double High Wild Symbol.

Melodies carried on the wind beckon and seduce all seafarers who hear them…Succumb to the Siren’s Serenade.

Notable Features

  • 5 Coin, 25 Line
  • Double High Wild Symbol
  • Win up to 18 Free Spins with x2 Multiplier
  • Scatter