Title Responsible Gaming


Saucify is a responsible supplier to the regulated gaming industry. As such we ensure our systems comply with all the guidelines published by the variety of well-regulated jurisdictions in which our licensees operate. We partner with regulatory and governmental bodies, and all our products undergo comprehensive testing by independent 3rd parties.

Saucify has a code of practice on social responsibility and age verification guides our philosophy and operator guidelines, while our games, their software engines and random number generators are tested frequently by leading industry bodies to guarantee fair and consistent gaming.

Operator & player toolkit

Comprehensive training is provided, along with ongoing operator support to our licensees, ensuring they are more than capable of managing the range of responsible gaming tools (available to them) to the best of their abilities.

Fraud, money laundering & fair play
Saucify has developed an imbedded monitoring solution, capable of protecting and identifying fraudulent and money laundering practices.

Over and above the software's automated capabilities, Saucify also offers support by way of a dedicated security team, whose sole focus revolves around ensuring the business and infrastructure is at the forefront of industry best practice.

Age verification
Saucify insists that all new players confirm they are of legal age to play online games in their local jurisdiction. We go to great lengths to ensure valid player participation by utilising 3rd party verification to conduct thorough player credentials corroboration.

Compulsive Gambling Prevention
Most players consider gaming a source of entertainment and act responsibly with the funds they make available to play. However Saucify does recognise fact that there will always be a small number of individuals for whom games of chance become an obsession and a habit they can ill afford.

Saucify therefore provides its operators with a wide range of responsible gaming resources which they can share with a problem player. Operators can monitor player activity and identify patterns of behaviour indicating those potentially at risk.

Saucify's software provides a range of bet or stake limits which can be set and controlled by the player. Limits can be set daily, weekly, monthly and for the current session, whichever is deemed an appropriate measure of control required to safeguard the player.

Deposit Limits
Players can choose to limit themselves to a predefined deposit amount (per period). This limit cannot be exceeded for the duration of the stipulated timeframe.

Bet limits
A variety of limits on the amount they can wager are available to players. Single bet limits, for example, restrict the amount that can be wagered / placed on one hand or bet. A player can also the maximum total bet or wager limit for a set period (day, week, month etc).

Self exclusion tools
Upon request, Saucify's self-exclusion tools will allow a player to close an account for a specified period of time, ranging from one day to 12 months. Under no circumstances will the account be re-activated during the exclusion period.

During that exclusionary period the player is also barred from receiving any promotional communication