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Progressive Jackpot Network

Everyone likes the headline grabbing story, the magic chance, the big win. Progressive Jackpots are a must for any casino and Saucify has several to entertain, amaze and get excited about.

Sadly the enigmatic, the energetic, the exquisite sound of a Progressive Jackpot being won is slowly disappearing from one online casino lobby after the other.

A mysterious phenomenon as research proves that Progressive Jackpots are a major draw card to get players into a casino. Why this slow death?

  • At Saucify we don't like to speculate but we believe other providers feel that Progressive Jackpots are risky, are difficult to control, are not in their best interest

WE AGREE – it's in the operators' best interest. It is in the players' best interest. And that's why Saucify is not only happy to offer Progressive Jackpots but we are looking to offer bigger and better jackpots in the near future.

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